ZAPcademy Royal Membership

: Get access to all the courses included in the membership, simultaneously. No need to avail one course at a time. Just pay 99 USD per month and get access to all courses. exclusively for members.

Tue Nov 22, 2022

Instant Access All Premium Courses

" You asked for it and here we are with the Membership option.

Thank you all for your continuous support and trust. Almost all our participants and students in our training asked for access to ZAPcademy's premium content on membership basis. So, we have worked on the membership model and we are ready with the service.

You have option to avail the membership on monthly basis or yearly basis. You may cancel the membership any time you wish. On monthly basis you have access to all public courses for just 99 USD and if you avail on yearly basis, then you can avail the same courses for 62.5 USD only when you pay all at once for one year i.e. 750 USD. 

The Royal Members will be granted access to all the exclusive members only complete premium content at any point in time. 

In order to check what all courses are included in the membership, please visit this page and scroll down to expand "Exclusive courses in membership" section.

Please note - If you want some other course to be included in the membership, please WhatsApp us at +1-251-727-9373.

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